About ESD

Echo School of Dance was founded in 2011 by Echo Waldron-Noble. We provide unique and meaningful dance education for all ages and abilities, including a curriculum of pre-professional ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop. The focus is to educate and build a lifelong appreciation for the art of dance through individual involvement and exploration. Our goal is to enhance creativity, promote self-discipline, and build skills and confidence to meet everyday life challenges. To accomplish this we offer dynamic and constantly evolving programs that increase awareness and create an audience for the art of dance through participation and community involvement.

Our state-of-the-art facility is located off of Overland Road between Maple Grove and Five Mile. In addition to our standard curriculum, we offer monthly open-classes free of charge to foster interest in the arts, and to invite and encourage new students to attend regular classes. We also offer dance-themed parties and events for a variety of personal occasions. Inquire at the office for more information.

Our professional instructors have a knowledge and ability to create a safe, respectful, and inviting place to learn and grow. Their knowledge of dance and dance education allows us to design classes that help students reach their full potential by engaging their minds, hearts and bodies. Echo School of Dance is respectful of ideas and promotes individualism, resulting in a work environment that is creative, challenging and rewarding to all of those involved.

A goal of Echo School of Dance is to serve a diverse population of students and community members. We offer a unique educational program for under-privileged, mentally, and physically challenged children that will foster self-esteem and fine motor development. In the future, we plan on offering scholarship and work programs that will make it possible for many financially challenged individuals to realize their desires for dance education. We also plan to expand our role in the community by working with local and potentially statewide schools to develop a new curriculum for helping teachers provide dance arts education in the classroom.